PCB Layout

Designed for Manufacturability

All PCBs are designed for manufacturability - without the autorouter

We optimize component placement for cost, assembly, and ease of re-work

Prototype Anything

Our layout team undergoes thorough layout training to complement their backgrounds in EE

Controlled-impedance, high-speed, RF, and more? We’ve got you covered


How It Works

1. Upload your schematic file

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We accept EAGLE, KiCad, OrCAD, or Altium schematic files
Additional files will be requested in the next step

2. Provide project information and additional files

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3. Get your layout delivered to you

  • Completed PCB layout file (*.brd) in your native CAD package
  • All files needed for PCB Fabrication (Gerber data, Drill & Rout file, and Netlist file)
  • All files needed for PCB Assembly (BOM, Pick-and-Place, and Stencil)
  • Need help building your board? We've got that covered, too.

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Standard Layout

  • 1 - 4 day turn-around time
  • 2 signal layers maximum (we may add addl. layers if req. for routing)
  • Only available in EAGLE
  • Board designed to your mechanical outline or the smallest square area possible, while adhering to minimum spec:
  • 6 mil minimum trace width
  • 6 mil minimum trace spacing
  • 10 mil minimum drill
  • 20 mil minimum drill slot
  • 5 mil minimum annular ring
  • 15 mil minimum keep-out distance from traces to the board edge
  • See OSHPark’s info on 2-layer boards for additional spec and stack-up guidance

Custom Quote

  • Custom turn-around time
  • 30+ signal layers
  • Available in EAGLE, KiCad, Altium, and Cadence OrCAD
  • Rigid, Flex, & Rigid-Flex
  • Custom board size and mechanical outlines
  • Custom stackup creation
  • High Speed, High Density PCB Design
  • BGA/FPGA/DDR/RAM Routing
  • Analog/Digital/RF/Mixed Signal Layout
  • Controlled Impedance Routing
  • Library creation and maintenance
  • Custom footprint/symbol generation
  • SI/PI/Noise/EMI analysis


Standard layout - design, routing, placement

0 - 300 pins


3 - 4 days

301+ pins

$0.78/additional pin

6 - 8 days

Example 1 - 50 pins

Let’s say your design has 50 pins. With a base price of $0.58/pin, the total cost comes out to only $29.00! The completed design would be in your email in 3 - 4 business days.

Example 2 - 400 pins

Let's say your design has 400 pins. The first 300 pins will be priced at $0.58/pin, and the last 100 at $0.78/pin, bringing the total price to $252.00. This design would require 6 - 8 business days.


Custom Quote

Not sure how many pins you have? Get started by uploading your schematic and providing some basic information. We’ll get back to you with a custom quote FAST!