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PCB Fabrication Capabilities 


PCB Assembly Capabilities

SpecStandard SpecCustom Spec
Layer Count1-6 Layers1-40+ Layers
Turn Time1+ DaysSame Day - 4 Weeks+
Order Quantity1-100 PCBs1-1000+ PCBs
MaterialsFR-4FR-4, Rogers, Arlon, Polymide, Aluminum
Plate FinishElectroless Nickel Immersion Gold (ENIG)ENIG, HASL, HASL-LF, OSP, Immersion Silver, Immersion (White) Tin, Electrolytic Nickel/Gold, ENEPIG
CertificationsIPC Class 2 - A600IPC Class 3 , AS9100:2016 (RevD)
Board Thickness0.062"Full Range Available
Copper Weight1 oz. Inner / Up to 1oz. Outer0.25 - 6 oz. Inner / 0.25-20 oz. Outer
Minimum Trace/Space5/5 mils3/3 mils
Solder Mask (LPI)GreenGreen, Black, Blue, Yellow, White, Purple, Clear, Red, Custom
Minimum Hole Size0.010"0.003"
Hole Tolerance"+/- 0.003"Less than +/- 0.003" (upon request)
Rout Tolerance"+/- 0.005"Less than +/- 0.005" (upon request)
UL Markings/DatesYesYes
Plated HolesPlated/Non-PlatedPlated/Non-Plated
Castellated HolesXYes
Controlled DielectricXYes
Controlled ImpedanceXYes
  • SMT, Thru-Hole, Double-Sided Assembly
  • Parts in Any Format (Cut-Tape, Reels, Loose, etc.)
  • BGA and uBGA, VFBGA with Placement Down to 0.3mm
  • BGA Repair and Re-ball
  • Passives down to 01005's
  • Free DFMA Check
  • Nitrogen Reflow and Wave Solder
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • IPC Class II and III
  • ITAR Registered
  • Water Soluble (OA), No Clean/Pb and Pb-Free/RoHS Processes

Terms & Conditions

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All designs are assumed to fall under standard specs. For more information, see the Capabilities table below.
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For any orders placed after 11am PST, the turn-time will begin the next business day. 
Payment does not include shipping. Shipping costs will be calculated separately and an invoice will be sent accordingly before shipment.
Orders will be placed on hold until all charges and design errors (if any) are settled.
Turn-time refers to the number of business days until an order is shipped.