What will the layer count be for my project?

We'll try our best to keep your design at 2 layers. If additional layers are needed for routing purposes, we will change the layer count to 4 or 6 layers.

What will the board size be for my project?

We will try our best to design the board to your desired size as given in the Project Information form. If we cannot, or if left blank, we will design the board as small as possible. We make the board as small as possible to reduce fabrication costs, while still meeting all minimum spec for manufacturability (trace/space, edge clearances, hole size, etc.)

Which CAD Packages does PCBLayout.com support?

For our instant service, we currently support EAGLE and KiCad. With custom quotes, we support EAGLE, KiCad, Altium, and OrCAD


Why does Flex layout cost more than Rigid layout?

Flex PCBs have a much more sensitive and complex construction. Also, physical factors stemming from the component placement, ground pours, etc. directly impact the overall cost of flex PCBs. In addition to a layout, our team will design a stack-up that impacts manufacturability.

Do you handle high-speed, controlled impedance, RF/Antenna or BGA routing?

We do, although designs with these considerations will require a custom quote. Upload your schematic now and place a request for quotation in under 5 minutes!

What if my board requirements fall outside of standard spec?

If you have a custom, more complex board requirement - we handle that too! For more complex jobs that require things like impedance control, RF, buried/blind vias, we will work closely with you to get a custom, high-end design done FAST! Upload your schematic to get started.


What files do I need to upload?

After uploading your schematic, you’ll be prompted to upload the necessary additional files depending on your CAD tool.

*Note: We will not place parts that do not have a physical footprint! Most common libraries have a physical footprint embedded. Footprint generation is available for an additional cost - please email support@pcblayout.com to inquire.

How much will my layout cost?

You can find out the cost of your order via our pricing matrix. If your design is outside of standard spec, we’ll send you a custom quote with a price tailored to your design.

What if my supplied files have errors?

If your supplied files have errors, we will reach back out as soon as possible. Because we would be unable to start the design without error-free inputs, the clock won’t start until we receive and confirm completely error-free files.


if i upload my project files, can i pay at a later time?

If you upload your project files but choose not to make a payment in the same session, send us an email at support@pcblayout.com and we can help.

Can I make changes after submitting the order?

We will always try to accommodate you, but cannot guarantee an update will be made once an order has been submitted. Email support@pcblayout.com to see if further changes can be accommodated at that moment.

What does an X-day turn really mean for me?

The clock starts when we receive an order without any errors, during our current working hours of 8am - 6pm PST, Mon-Sat. Any orders submitted outside these hours will start at the beginning of the next working day.


Can you generate footprints or perform schematic capture?

Yes, though this will require a custom quote and timeline. Please fill out our custom quote form to get started.

What will I get from your team once the design is complete?

  1. PCB layout file

  2. All files needed for PCB Fabrication

    • Gerber RS-274x files

    • Excellon format NC Drill file

    • IPC-356D format netlist file

  3. All files needed for PCB Assembly

    • Bill of Materials

    • Pick-and-Place (centroid data)

    • Stencil file

  4. Custom quote for quick-turn fabrication and assembly

Do you offer PCB Fabrication and Assembly services?

Yes! We have local and off-shore partners for your PCB needs. Once your design is done, we are happy to source boards, parts, and assembly for you. Upload your project files and we’ll have a custom quote in your hands ASAP. We accept zipped gerbers, ODB++, and native CAD files.