Design Review + BOM Cleanup

$24. 24hrs.

Get your PCB Design reviewed by our team of Engineers. We review your PCB Layout and Bill of Materials, and send you feedback on manufacturability, cost-effectiveness, and any other tips to help you save money and time when you go to get your board built:

  • Manufacturability - Speed
    • We ensure your design is able to be manufactured as fast as possible, and give feedback on how to improve your design (ie how removing buried/blind vias can reduce drill time, number of lamination cycles, etc.)
  • Manufacturability - Cost
    • We ensure your design involves as few cost-adding elements, and give feedback on how to change design to reduce overall cost (buried/blind vias, tight trace/space, board size, etc.)
  • BOM Scrub
    • We ensure all of your parts are readily available
    • We ensure that parts in your BOM match the parts/footprints on your board
    • We ensure your BOM is formatted with all the necessary information needed by the manufacturer

    Upload your PCB Design Files

    Design Review: $24. 24hrs.

    We accept EAGLE, KiCad, OrCAD, or Altium board files


    2. we review your design, prioritizing for:



    Manufacturing Time

    Parts availability and general BOM cleanup


    3. you receive all files necessary for fabrication & assembly

    Quote for Fabrication & Assembly

    Gerber data, Drill & Rout File, Netlist File

    Cleaned BOM, Pick-And-Place data, Stencil File