Top 5 PCB Design Tools for Makers - 2019

When it comes to PCB Design, there are plenty of options to choose from. PCB design tools range in their technical abilities, user friendliness, and price - to name a few. Here at we’ve worked with nearly all of them - so you don’t have to - and have come up with a list of the top five options so you can get started designing your project right away!

Pro Tip: Once your schematic is complete, you can upload it directly to We’ll design your board and route your PCB, create any missing footprints, and send back your design along with all files needed for PCB manufacturing in as fast as 24 hours. Submit your files on the home page, or email to get started.

Key Attributes: User friendly, freeware tier, broad user base and active forums, regular updates
Price: Free starter version, $15/mo standard subscription, $65/mo pro subscription


2. KiCAD
Key Attributes: Open-Source, Free, GUI for convenience with mouse/keyboard, windows + linux, broad user base and active forums
Price: 100% FREE


3. CircuitMaker (Altium)
Key Attributes: Cloud-based, free, active community, powerful Altium backing and management, user-friendly
Price: 100% FREE

circuit maker.PNG

4. DipTrace
Key Attributes: User-friendly, real-time DRC, STEP export, auto-placement for components,
Price: $75 (300pins) - $995 (unlimited, full version)


5. EasyEDA
Key Attributes: Cloud-based, windows/mac/linux/pc/tablet friendly, large and engaged user-base,
Price: 100% FREE


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